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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
4x4 Jeeps (F1)
Suzuki Jimny (Open Soft Top)

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
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Fiat Tipo Automatic

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
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Hyundai I20 Automatic

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
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Kia Soul

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
Large Hatchback (D1)
Hyundai i30

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
Economy (B1)
Peugeot 108

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
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Nissan Pulsar Diesel

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
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Skoda Rapid Diesel

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
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Kia Sorento Diesel

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Rent a Car Alexandroupolis
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Mitsubishi Lancer Diesel

Rental Cars Alexandroupolis Greece

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Alexandroupolis is the capital city in the region of Evros, the easternmost region in Greece which borders with Turkey, at the site of the ancient city of Sali. The city is served by an airport, Alexandroupolis National Airport "Demokritos", and the Port of Alexandroupolis, the largest port in Thrace, where the Alexandroupolis Port Railway Station is also located. When you arrive in Alexandroupolis, Imperial Car Rental provides you with convenient and efficient car hire service at the airport, train station or port of the city. You can also reserve a rental car from Imperial Car Rental at many locations in the Alexandroupolis area, including delivery to your accommodations.

There are many places to visit in or around Alexandroupolis with the rented car you booked with Imperial Car Rental: the Museum of Natural History, the Historical Museum, the Ethnological Museum of Thrace, the Lighthouse of Alexandroupolis, the protected forest of Dadia, whose unique beauty is an important natural habitat in the Evros Delta, the Cyclops of Polyphemos Cave in Makri, the beaches of Agia Paraskevi and Kokkina Vrachia, the thermal baths of Evros in Traianoupolis, and the Fossilized Forest, among others.

Car Rental in Alexandroupolis Greece

Visit the ancient Mesimvria or Zona, the Tomb of the Little Doxipara of the 2nd century AD. the Pomak villages Goniko and Roussa with their wonderful traditional architecture, the prehistoric rock paintings and the unique Alevitiko tekke, still in operation as a place of worship.

From the port of Alexandroupoli, take the ferry to visit the beautiful island of Samothraki, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece with a history that stretches into the millennia, and it will enchant you with its wild beauty. Plateau, waterfalls, pedestals, archaeological sites, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods in Paleopolis with its imposing ancient walls, the beautiful Chora with the Gattelouz tower, will fill you with images of indescribable beauty that you will want to see again many times.

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With the hired car that you have reserved from Imperial Car Rental, head north to Soufli, the city of silk with its silversmiths and the Silk Museum. Visit Didymoteicho with its double Thrabo-Pelasgian fortification walls, Psithera Baths or Baths of Eros on the banks of Erythropotamos, the oldest surviving Ottoman baths in Europe, the double tower at Pythio, the Psigi Forest, the Arda River where every summer you can see the megalithic tombs in the valley and continue to Orestiada, the newest and most northerly city of Greece.

Booking a car rental from Imperial Car Rental gives you the opportunity to visit the capital of Thrace, Komotini, named after the daughter of the famous painter Parrasios of the 5th century BC. Paros, a town with a lively nightlife, old mansions, and picturesque streets is where you will see the Clock Tower, the Municipal Garden, the ruins of the castle, the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum. Discover ancient Maroneia, the Macedonian tomb of the Symbols in Rodypi, Maximianoupolis or Mohnoupoli with a hired car you reserved with Imperial Car Rental. Take a drive to the Nymphaia Forest and swim in the beautiful beaches nearby Profitis Ilias, Fanari, Synaxis, Relief, Mesi, Marmaritsa, Kageli, Imeros, Agios Charalampos.

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Drive even further east with the hired car you reserved with Imperial Car Rental to visit Xanthi, the city of the ancient Amazon, with the Tobacco store, the beautiful Clock, and the picturesque Old Town, where every year at the beginning of March, the Old Town celebrates the famous Xanthi Carnival. Visit Vistonida Lake and Porto Lagos, the Nestos River, the beautiful Erymanthos Forest Village or the hometown of Demokritos, Avdira, as well as the beautiful, well organized beaches of Erasmio, Mangana, Myrodato, Skala Avdira and Mandra.

The incomparable car rental services of Imperial Car Rental, with our fleet safe new rental cars will make your stay in Alexandroupolis easy. Enjoy the convenience and affordability Imperial Car Rental offers and travel in Thrace with style and independence.

Car Rental Destinations Alexandroupolis


Rental Cars Alexandroupolis Destinations

  • Alexandroupoli Center
  • Alexandroupolis Airport
  • Alexandroupolis Port
  • Alexandroupolis Railway Station
  • Didimoticho
  • Komotini
  • Nea Chili
  • Orestiada
  • Soufli
  • Xanthi

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